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A judge abused his discretion when he ordered Boston College to release interviews that academic researchers had recorded with former Irish Republic Army members, a school lawyer argued Friday. In Jan.

Three years later, Boston College joined with an Irish journalist and a former. and Dolours Price, an unrepentant IRA terrorist who had told a reporter that she was involved in the 1972 kidnapping.

Police probing the Irish Republican Army’s 1972 killing of a Belfast mother of 10 want to seize taped interviews with IRA members that Boston College hoped to keep locked up for posterity. Researchers.

It is claimed IRA volunteers described what happened the night Jean McConville was murdered to Boston College’s "Belfast Project". Even by the standards of 1972 – "the killing year" – Jean McConville’.

BOSTON (AP) – Boston College wants a federal appeals court to throw out a ruling that orders the college to turn over audiotaped interviews with former members of the Irish Republican Army, citing the.

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A researcher fighting a legal battle with police over interviews with former paramilitaries has said prosecutions are not the way to get at the truth. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is.

Broadening MEPS, an idea which has been kicking around Congress for a while, has widespread bipartisan support as well as the.

DUBLIN — Northern Ireland police announced Thursday they will sue to obtain all of the audiotaped interviews of former militants who described their wartime careers to a Boston College oral history pr.

Ed Moloney, the producer of I, Dolours, a film about Dolours Price, the former IRA prisoner, was involved in a legal. project on the promise that the tapes would remain secret at Boston College in.

Broadening MEPS, an idea which has been kicking around Congress for a while, has widespread bipartisan support as well as the backing of many retirement authorities such as Alicia Munnell, director of.

according to a new study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. At first, “there’s a lot of crying,” says.

The Supreme Court on Monday turned away an appeal that sought to keep interviews with former Irish Republican Army members from being turned over to police in Northern Ireland. The order leaves in pla.

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THE DAUGHTER of Jean McConville has called for the release of taped interviews with IRA members held by Boston College in the US – saying they could hold the full story behind her mother’s disappearan.

An American university is fighting a legal bid by detectives who are trying to get hold of interviews with IRA members gathered as part of an oral history project. Boston College in Massachusetts has.

Adams was implicated in the killing by two IRA veterans, who gave taped interviews to researchers for a Boston College history archive on the four-decade Northern Ireland conflict. Belfast police wage.

A COURT IN BOSTON will this morning hear arguments from two people who conducted a series of interviews with former members of the IRA, seeking to block the release of the tapes from a college there t.

Image caption Former IRA member Brendan Hughes gave interviews to Boston College Boston College has claimed that the latest subpoenas issued in the US seeking interviews conducted with former IRA memb.