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They also say most applicants still need a college degree from an established institution to get a good job. Minerva, an accredited four-year university named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, wants to reinvent elite four-year liberal arts.

A degree is necessary due to employment competition: if you are applying to work for a newcompany or to be promoted. In addition, you might need to mentor others and.

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In a few weeks, hoards of college students will set off. but this is how people perceive things." An online degree isn’t the kiss of death. Coupled with a proven professional record, online degrees from accredited institutions are earning.

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Jun 25, 2004. Perhaps even more worrisome than the professors who "earn" degrees from such institutions are the professors who run them. For example, two professors at accredited colleges in New York State each operate an offshore university that awards an array of degrees, including doctorates. Neither operation.

As part of the investigation, the demands for the "cash payments" were secretly videotaped during a July 5 meeting at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., where an undercover U.S. Secret Service agent from Spokane attempted to buy.

Cleary College in Howell, Mich., is an accredited school. because they would never issue a degree without those," he said. "I don’t think I took a short cut, I think I took a reasonable alternative." Bear wasn’t buying it, however.

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The Montana Board of Regents approved a proposal Friday for an entry-level master of science degree in occupational. This is the first time that two colleges in the system will collaborate on an accredited single-cohort two-campus.

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The answer for many aspiring nurses, like Trina Henderson, a student at Springfield Technical Community College. will complete her nursing degree in May, also recognize the importance and value in knowing the program is accredited.

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board and other expenses at accredited colleges, trade schools and professional schools. Many states also offer their own tax benefits or credits to residents who enroll in their state-run plan. (You can find information about your own state.

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The graduates earned associate degrees in arts and sciences, a two-year degree accredited by Tacoma Community College that can help speed their way to a bachelor’s. An associate degree isn’t a ticket to a job, but Erzen said the.

The school claims it awards college degrees based on “work experience,” and for as little as $699, it will send the diploma within 10 business days. “Our expectation was that it was a degree from an accredited university, and I.

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Making Sure Your Online Bachelor's Degree Is Accredited. Not all schools are created equal. Though a school may have a flashy website and what sounds like a great degree plan, you need to do some extra research before committing to any particular institution. After all, you do not want to go through the trouble of.

TRENTON — Thomas Edison State College has made earning an associate degree in business administration.

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. needing to earn a regionally accredited degree in one of the disciplines offered by an AICCS-accredited institution may wish to investigate comparable programs offered at more traditional on-campus colleges currently accredited by.

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An earlier GAO report revealed how easy it is to buy a degree from a diploma mill. The tally was $169,471 at just two of the schools. The colleges in question often use names similar to those of accredited schools and offer degrees.

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She also wanted to earn her degree from an accredited online school that would fit into her busy schedule and lifestyle. Marek researched several schools and discovered WGU Texas. "Money isn’t a reason to forego college. There are.

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When Katherine Campbell, 25, of Wilmington tells classmates at Goldey-Beacom College that her employer is picking up the tab for a master’s degree in business administration. with tuition for courses at accredited colleges and.

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students must first complete two years of work toward a bachelor’s degree or have an associate’s degree from an accredited college or university. Once accepted into the program, students then must complete 21 specific courses -.

Required qualifications include graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. 2005. If you are buying or selling.

You can buy degrees. accredited by government agencies. (The University, which appears to have shut down, could not be reached for comment.) Setting up a sham university in other countries isn’t always that simple. In Germany, for.

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But Columbia Basin College just became one of only seven community colleges in Washington accredited to award a four-year degree — the bachelor of applied science, or BAS. The college received a confirmation letter from the.

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There recently was a case of plagiarism at the Naval War College. The transgression. Professional military schools issue master’s degrees for which the schools are externally accredited. The service schools also claim rigor, but this.

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The term may also be used pejoratively to describe an accredited institution with low academic admission standards and a low job placement rate. An individual may or may not be aware that the degree they have obtained is not wholly legitimate. In either case, legal issues can arise if the qualification is used in résumés.